This lively dessert hails from the Boulangerie-Patisserie des Bains in Geneva where the owners, Pierre-Alain Bourdemet and Jean-Claude Donche are award-winning bakers.  Their pastry chef and his assistant, pictured, are responsible for this complex and delicious Gateau des Bains, a real feat of contemporary cake making.

For a simplified version of the cake, follow the recipe for the Orangentorte and change the mousse to lemon by using 1/2 cup lemon juice and a grated lemon zest in the mousse.

The bottom chocolate layer is made from 1/2 cup cream heated to a boil with 5 ounces dark chocolate added.  Cool to spreading consistency.

The raspberry layer is made from slightly sweetened raspberry puree heated with 2 teaspoons of granulated gelatine and frozen solid in a shallow tart mold.

Pastry chef and assistant at the Boulangerie des Bains

Pastry chef and assistant at the Boulangerie des Bains

To assemble, slice the cake into 3 layers and place one in the bottom of a 9” or 10” spring form pan.  Spread with the chocolate cream.

Top with another layer and a third of the lemon mousse followed by the frozen raspberry layer.

Top with another cake layer and the remaining mousse.

Chill to set and unmold, slide to a platter, and garnish with some raspberries to serve.