I've always loved "before and after" photos and though I don't think any professional photographers will be green with envy about the following ones, they sure do the trick for me.  But before the photos, more instructions:

Put 100 grams of your starter from the previous step into a 1-quart plastic container; stir in 100 grams distilled or spring water and 100 grams unbleached bread flour:

P1020126Before (note the red line)

I fed the starter in these containers late last night. This is what I found early this morning:

P1020129After (about 7 hours later)

The starter increased more than 300% over its original bulk.  After I took the photo I stirred down the starter.  If all goes well it's properly acidulated, indicated by fine bubbles on the surface.  I just checked and it's starting to bubble.

It's exactly 5 days since the initial mixing of the dark rye, water, malt syrup, and salt.  Tomorrow we'll make a dough using the starter and see how it fares.