Welcome to BAKE! my blog about all things related to baking (some cooking, too) and also the name of my tenth book, published today. BAKE! (the book, not the blog) is my first effort for Kyle Books, the American branch of Kyle Cathie, one of the top British publishers of cookbooks. BAKE! is all about becoming a great baker the easiest way possible, by understanding and mastering the basic techniques you need to produce perfect breads, cakes, tarts, cookies, and more every time you turn on the oven.

On this blog, I’ll be highlighting and expanding on some of the recipes in BAKE!, but I’ll also share new recipes I’m working on, recipes from friends, and recipes from professional and home bakers I visit on my frequent travels. I’ll be blogging occasionally about great new books about baking as well as my favorite cookbooks of the past and present.

I welcome comments, and if you have a question about baking, just click on the question box at the upper left and I’ll be glad to answer on the same page. I see this blog as an extension of the classes I teach and the books I write, and I hope it will give us a chance to communicate with each other.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, bake something!