Nick Malgieri
Nick Malgieri


These lovely little cakes are the creation of Chef Claudia Schmid, a winner of the Swiss Chocolate Masters and since late last year, the proprietor of her own cake business.  Because Claudia’s business is relatively new and she uses some really advanced formulas, she couldn’t share the exact recipes, but I’ll give an approximation below.

The best way to prepare tiny cakes such as these is to make your favorite cake layer and buttercream or chocolate frosting.  Break the cake into small pieces and place in an electric mixer with the paddle.  Mix on low speed and add as much of the cake filling as necessary to make a pasty mass that is not too soft.  Add a splash of vanilla or a flavored syrup if you like.

Use a medium ice cream scoop to form the spheres and chill them covered with plastic wrap. 

Roll out small pieces of pastel colored marzipan or rolled fondant to envelop the spheres, placing them on a clean paper-covered pan, seam side down.  Chill again.

Decorate with piped royal icing or sugar or chocolate sprinkles.