Nick Malgieri
Nick Malgieri

Orangen Carpaccio - Thin-Sliced Orange Salad

This is an easy and impressive looking dessert that I tasted recently at the Volkshaus restaurant in Bern.  Chef Frank Weisserberger was kind enough to prepare this and several of his other specialties during a recent visit.

Makes one serving

1 large navel orange, skin and pith cut away and thinly sliced

Several raspberries

Raspberry sauce or puree

Toasted blanched sugared almonds (below)

Vanilla frozen yogurt

Arrange the orange slices in concentric rows on a large round plate and decorate with the raspberries, sauce, and almonds.  Place a scoop of the frozen yogurt in the center and serve immediately.

For the almonds, place some in a small heatproof pan and moisten with a few drops of egg white, rubbing the almonds between the palms of your hands to coat.  Bake, stirring often, at 350 degrees, to set the coating, about 20 minutes.  Cool on the pan and reserve in a covered container.